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4 Central nervous system
04-02-01 Second-Generation Antipsychotic Drugs

APC advice (March 2010)
The balance of risks and benefit should be considered before prescribing antipsychotics drugs for elderly patients. In elderly patients with dementia antipsychotic drugs are associated with a small increased risk of mortality and an increased risk of stroke or transient ischaemic attack.


Amisulpride Tablet 50mg 
Amisulpride Tablet 100mg 
Amisulpride Tablet 200mg 
Amisulpride Tablet 400mg 
Amisulpride Oral Solution 100mg/ml SF

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Aripiprazole Tablet 5mg 
Aripiprazole Tablet 10mg 
Aripiprazole Tablet 15mg 
Aripiprazole Tablet 30mg 

Aripiprazole Orodispersible Tablet 10mg S/F 
Aripiprazole Orodispersible Tablet 15mg S/F

Aripiprazole Oral Solution 5mg/5ml- Use liquid only in patients with swallowing difficulties due to higher costs (Applicable in Primary care only)

Prescribe generically.

Link  NICE TA213: Aripiprazole for the treatment of schizophrenia in people aged 15 -17 years
Link  NICE TA292: Aripiprazole for treating moderate to severe manic episodes in adolescents with bipolar I disorder

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Clozapine Clozaril®

Clozapine Tablet 25mg
Clozapine Tablet 50mg
Clozapine Tablet 100mg 
Clozapine Tablet 200mg

Restriction: Initiation by psychiatrist registered with Clozapine monitoring service

Patient, prescriber and supplying pharmacist must be registered with the Patient Monitoring Service. Treatment is only continued if there are acceptable leucocyte and neutrophil counts.

Brands include Clozaril, Denzapine or Zaponex.

MHRA/CHM advice: Clozapine: reminder of potentially fatal risk of intestinal obstruction, faecal impaction, and paralytic ileus (October 2017)

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Olanzapine Tablet 2.5mg 
Olanzapine Tablet 5mg 
Olanzapine Tablet 7.5mg
Olanzapine Tablet 10mg 
Olanzapine Tablet 15mg 
Olanzapine Tablet 20mg 
Olanzapine Orodispersible Tablet 5mg 
Olanzapine Orodispersible Tablet 10mg 
Olanzapine Orodispersible Tablet 15mg

Do not prescribe Oral Lyophilisates preparations -  Very Expensive-(Applicable in Primary care only)

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FIRST CHOICE- normal release tablets
Quetiapine Tablet 25mg 
Quetiapine Tablet 100mg 
Quetiapine Tablet 150mg 
Quetiapine Tablet 200mg 
Quetiapine Tablet 300mg 

SECOND CHOICE - MR where there are compliance issues
Sondate XL Tablet 50mg 
Sondate XL tablet 150mg 
Sondate XL Tablet 200mg 
Sondate XL Tablet 300mg 
Sondate XL Tablet 400mg

THIRD CHOICE - If Sondate XL is unavailable
Biquelle XL Tablet 50mg 
Biquelle XL tablet 150mg 
Biquelle XL Tablet 200mg 
Biquelle XL Tablet 300mg 
Biquelle XL Tablet 400mg

Prescribers should choose the most cost-effective option (Applicable in Primary care only)


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Risperidone Tablet 500mcg
Risperidone Tablet 1mg 
Risperidone Tablet 2mg 
Risperidone Tablet 3mg 
Risperidone Tablet 4mg 
Risperidone Orodispersible Tablet 500mcg SF 
Risperidone Orodispersible Tablet 1mg SF 
Risperidone Orodispersible Tablet 2mg SF 
Risperidone Orodispersible Tablet 3mg SF 
Risperidone Orodispersible Tablet 4mg SF 
Risperidone Oral Solution 1mg/ml SF

Prescribe generically

See APC advice above (March 2010)

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Levomepromazine Methotrimipramine

Levomepromazine Tablets 25mg
Levomepromazine solution for injection ampoules 25mg/ml

Restriction: For use in Palliative Care

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