Report : Traffic light status report 19/04/2021 04:19:56
Section Name Number of items
Red Red  378
Amber Amber  207
Amber E Amber E  34
Green Green  542
Grey Grey  24
Unknown Unknown  1204
North Staffordshire Joint Formulary

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Red Medicines that can only be prescribed within Secondary Care. Examples of medicines which fall into this category are: Certain new medicines and new indications for older medicines where there is at present no experience of use in Primary Care. Medicines or dressings not available or prescribable in Primary Care. Where a medicine has been classified as Amber E, but an approved shared-care guideline is not yet available   
 Amber Medicines which can be prescribed within Secondary Care, but are only suitable for prescribing in Primary Care after specialist referral. There is no need for approved shared care guidelines for medicines in this category. This replaces Amber 2 on the North Staffs Formulary.   
 Amber E Medicines which can be prescribed within Secondary Care, but are only considered suitable for prescribing in Primary Care under an approved shared-care agreement (ESCA) or Rationale for Initiation, Continuation and Discontinuation (RICaD). This replaces Amber 1 on the North Staffs Formulary  
 Green Medicines which can be prescribed in either Primary or Secondary Care.  
 Grey These medicines have been reviewed by the New Medicines Committee and the Area Prescribing Committee and found not to be suitable for inclusion in the Joint Formulary. Inadequate or weak evidence for efficacy No clearly defined local need Lack of long term safety data No perceived benefit over established formulary alternatives Prescribers can consider these medicines where formulary alternatives are unsuitable, ineffective or not tolerated.